If you suffer a physical or mental disability without proper planning, economic hardship and loss of control can
become a reality.  The right to control and protect your assets and preserve your dignity to the fullest extent
possible is one of the major benefits of ADVANCE PLANNING.  Many decisions need to
be made during your lifetime.  Keep in mind that your Will only provides for distribution of your estate upon your
demise.  Have you taken steps to protect your assets in the event of a catastrophic illness?  Have you or your
spouse executed Advance Directives?  Should you set up a Living Trust?  Should you transfer your residence
and retain the legal right to live there?  Are you concerned about gift and estate taxes?

A WILL provides for the disposition of assets upon death.  If your Will provides for your spouse outright, all or
part of your estate may be lost if your spouse is in a nursing home.  You can protect your assets through
appropriate planning!

A DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY ALLOWS for the appointment of a family member or other trusted
person to act on your behalf regarding financial decision-making.  A comprehensive Durable Power of
Attorney is essential and helps avoid court intervention when incapacity strikes.  The use of a LIVING TRUST
can also provide on-going management and avoid probate, and protect your assets in the event that you
require long term care.  The Trust can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

A HEALTH CARE PROXY allows for an appointed person to make any and all health care decisions for you.  
You can provide specific instructions as to medical treatment and the use or withdrawal of life-sustaining

If you are unable to manage your assets or make your HEALTH care decisions, your loved ones may seek to
appoint a guardian to manage your affairs in a manner consistent with your best interests.  Advanced planning
prevents the need for a Guardianship.

MEDICAID can play an important role in the payment of Long Term Care, but there are restrictive eligibility
requirements.  You need to understand the look-back period, the transfer of assets penalty, the spousal
income and resource allowances and the application process.  Please note that the law is complex, technical,
and varies from state to state.  We can assist you in developing a strategy to meet your financial, health and
family needs.

Regardless of your financial and health status, all people require some form of estate planning to deal with the
uncertainties of life such as disability and death. Taxes, avoiding probate and developing a comprehensive
plan for asset and care management in the event of illness are some of the areas we can assist in.

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